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 Amy Howard  
I used to go to music lessons at my school, but then I wanted to become better at playing keyboard. Then my Dad enrolled me in NDMA, my teacher, Joe has been teaching me and correcting my mistakes that I was making, now I feel that my keyboard skills are improving.

Damien Brindle
At the ripe old age of 44 I have been getting weekly lessons from Troy for 2 years. He has given me confidence that I never new I had. Wish I met him 30 years ago. But it's never to late to start playing a guitar! Best guitar teacher in Penrith!!!!

I recommend NDMA for any young up and coming music artists.

My son is a self taught singer/guitarist who 5 weeks ago made a decision to get lessons at NDMA and all I can say is wow!
Julz is an outstanding singing teacher who goes above and beyond her expectations.   My son enjoys each lesson with her and has fun while he learns and takes away so much knowledge.  My son recently entered a competition and with the help of Julz won his first singing competition....and remember he has only been with NDMA for 5 weeks! 

The guitar teacher has also the same qualities and passion for his students.  My child is so happy to attend NDMA and is always buzzing with enthusiasm from week to week. 

Our only regret is that we wished we came here sooner!

Kim Paget
"My 3 children have been attending NDMA for the last 9 years. I recommend this school with the highest praise I can give. Every child is taught at their own speed and what suits every individual child.  My two older children have also completed the Music course on Tuesday nights and it has benefited them greatly, especially throughout the HSC.  The teachers go above and beyond for their students, and every one of my children have thrived in this environment.  If you are looking for a music school for your children, or yourself, there is none better in my opinion."
"Wasn't getting the results I was after with my first teacher so I gave NDMA a go. Really happy with my teacher, Troy, and look forward each week to my lesson."
"Both my children attend NDMA: one plays guitar and one plays drums. They are both enjoying the lessons, think their teachers are awsome and are learning some amazing stuff along the way. Very happy parent."

Rhiannon Paget
11 years old

"My teacher is Troy, he has taught me for the past 3 years. I feel that I have improved a lot over the years as every week Troy explains all that I am meant to be practicing and learning and makes sure I understand everything I am doing, and at the end of the lesson he asks do I have any questions so I have a full understanding of what I am meant to be doing. As I improve he now gives me less of a piece every week so I can learn and improve every week, and he strives to make me the best student I can be."
"I have a passion for learning the guitar and about music. It is good to meet someone like Troy who is such an enthusiastic teacher and who
makes learning music fun."
"The Nepean District Music Academy teachers are very approachable and helpful, they work in the music industry so can provide feedback, and definitely provide student improvement and give them the necessary encouragement to build on their dreams."