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Music Theory Lessons Teacher Tutor
There are those of us out there that want more out of our art form than just playing. We want a career and we know that the more we know the further we will go.
To achieve the best results we need to apply ourselves a little more and add some extra study to our knowledge.
We can help here too, we have developed a one year theory course that runs in conjunction with your practical class once per week for an hour.
It goes from absolute basics to the advanced concepts of music and will be an asset to your musical arsenal.
We have had great success with our graduates of the course going on to study at various institutions around Sydney including the Conservitorium, Australian Institute of Music, and W.S.U (Western Sydney University).
This course will prep you to be able to easily get into and cope with the courses on offer at these institutions that go into more depth than we could in the time available, and indeed we have had students audition to enter one of the facilities above and be able to leap over the first year saving them a considerable amount of money.
So if this sounds like what you want, we are here to help you.