For the Parents.

We appreciate that you have chosen to have a look at our page, and we would like to take a moment to address some of your concerns, we are aware that many parents don't know about music and what's supposed to be happening during the tutorial sessions. Some of you may have had lessons in the past or wish that you had.

We want your child to learn and enjoy the experience, therefore we try to use the music that they hear and are into to help excite them about playing.

For some instruments, learning to sight read is not a neccesity and can be more of a chore to some students, in those situations we don't push them to read as it may turn them off totally to the idea of playing anything.

We appreciate that money does come into the equation, as with most things, and therefore we want to give the best value for money and as such our teachers are well versed in the various methods of teaching.

Learning any musical instrument has benifits in other areas of their daily life as well, it teaches discipline and determination and also has been proven to help with other subjects at school as well, it is not only food for the brain, but it is good for the soul.

Things you should know

No matter what school you choose to enroll your child in, you should know these things and the school should provide them freely:

1 . The teacher should be willing to have a chat with you at the end of the class to keep you informed of what's going on in the lesson.

2. They should make you aware of what is expected of the student for the next lesson and how much practice (on average) should be done to achieve the result.

3. Your child should be comfortable with their teacher and feel able to ask questions and make requests.

4. You should see improvement in your childs abilities, in the begining everything is new and the learning curve is huge, but as they progress they should be able to show an improvement within their playing.

5. And this is a biggy, THEY SHOULD HAVE A WORKING WITH CHILDREN CERTIFICATE, this ensures that your child is in responsible hands whilst at their lessons.

6. The size of the school matters little, I have seen large scale schools that treat their clients like numbers, forgetting that one to one interaction, and I have seen small schools do the same, its about the staff and their passion for teaching, it's about the owners and their relationships with not just the student, but the parents as well. We have strived for years to find that balance and we honestly feel we have found it.