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    Working With Children (WWC) Compliant
    Yes we are!, it's always good to know your children are safe where ever they are and we can go quiet a long way to providing you that comfort as ALL of our teachers are WWC certified.
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    What do I need to bring to my lesson?
    You need a display folder for holding any sheets your teacher gives you and a diary for your teacher to write up what you need to work on during the week. If you're doing guitar, you need to bring your instrument. For drums, you'll need to bring sticks. For keyboard, the piano is provided and for vocals, well that's all you!
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    What age range does your school take?
    We start them around the age of 5, so long as they know colours and letters, and the oldest we've ever had start from scratch was 86!!!!
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    Payment Options
    We offer 2 payment styles, these are paying in block lots of 5, for those that prefer time between due dates, and week by week payments (direct debit only) for those that prefer to make it a weekly expense. Please note if you fail to give the adequate amount of time to cancel then that lesson will still need to be paid as the teacher will charge me for it. If you'd like to pay by direct deposit/funds transfer that's fine, just give us a buzz and we'll get you the details. If you're using a credit card you'll have to add an extra $2 for bank charges.
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    I need to cancel a lesson.
    So long as you tell us before 10:30am on your lesson day at the latest, that's no problem. We will credit a lesson to your block and you just come to the next lesson as usual. If you call and no-one answers be sure to leave a message.
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    Do you teach on weekends?
    Unfortunately we don't as we are also a recording studio and we are closed on weekends to be able to use the whole facility.
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    How many lessons per week should I do?
    You can do as many as you like, but we strongly recommend that you start with one, as you will be given things to work on at home during the week and often you will need that amount of time to get ready for the next lesson. If after a while you want to do more then we can certainly help you out.
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    Do you do Gift Certificates?
    We sure do! Pop into the office and see one of us and we will get it printed and ready to go for that special occasion.
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    Seniors Discount?
    If you are one of our senior citizens then you've earned the right to get things a bit cheaper, we do a discount of 10% for those of you over 50.